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Welcome to, the project that brings you the best horology platform there can be. It is an independent, advertisement-free, community-driven hub for everything horology related, not only in terms of timekeeping devices but also tackling the human fascination with time.
We have something for everyone here, from the dedicated group section with which you familiarised yourself using other platforms to the in-depth categorised forums spanning everything from watch-related topics to the most profound questions about ourselves and time. Not only that, but we have a constant stream of well-written articles to assist you in discovering more about the world of horology, be it history, mechanics or philosophy.
Join the community, find people with the same interests as you and engage in fascinating topics, answering the questions you had and daring to ask more. 
We are confident that this will be the last horology platform you'll want to use.
Glad to have you here,
-The team

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