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A Bit About Us

Bringing horology into the watch space. started off as a passion project. It's a site for horology enthusiasts made by horology enthusiasts. We saw a gap in the watch space. There were a lot of watch forums, sites and channels about, well, watches, and while they used words or names related to "horology", most of them did not delve deeper into it than a quick brand history summary of the watch that is reviewed.

We're not saying that approach is bad, far from it. What we try to do is manage a balance of both. Horology is both the physical object of the timepiece and the idea of time. Is both the force unleashed upon us and the tools we manufactured trying to control and understand it. It's not only the artisanship but the philosophy as well.

We thought about what would be the best way to achieve something like this. What platform would best suit the types of discussions we want to have? What kind of platform would best suit the kind of stories we want to tell? We decided that the best path was making our own platform. A platform where every detail could be adjusted to our liking. Therefore here we are. Here is our project: A hub for forums, which we hope will eventually be able to form a community-driven, standalone entity. A hub for groups, somewhat similar to the ones we've all been accustomed to on Facebook, but without the annoying ads and limitations of an identity-driven platform. A hub for articles, where we can freely tell you all about the things we are passionate about, knowing you are too. And last but not least, a hub where we could develop our own little shop consisting of timepieces that were in our personal collections that haven't gotten enough wrist time lately and are longing for a new owner that won't keep them hidden in a dark box on a dusty shelf.

Welcome, then, to our little community. I hope you will feel at home since that's what online communities like these are made for: finding like-minded people and partaking in engaging conversation about topics you are passionate about.

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