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Forum Rules and Guidelines

All members agree to these rules and guidelines upon using the forums. Violation of these rules may result in disciplinary measures, which may ultimately include being banned from Make sure to read everything and ask questions if needed.

1. Members must limit their registration to one account. Multiple accounts can be removed without notice.

2. Members will be kind and courteous, and respectful to other members and the Moderators. No direct or indirect personal attacks or insults of any kind will be allowed. Posts which antagonize, belittle or humiliate other members and/or the Moderators will not be tolerated, nor will racism, sexism, bigotry or foul language.

3. No sales posts or "Want to Buy / Trade" posts of any kind. All such posts will be immediately deleted. There are Sales Corners at for this express purpose. If you have a special offer you would like to make directly to forum members, email the Moderator(s) first to discuss it.

4. Linking to live auctions is permitted for discussion purposes only. Links to incorrect, misleading or fraudulent auctions are also permitted, provided that the sole intention is to warn other members. Links posted by the seller will be treated as sales posts and immediately deleted.

5. No discussions or pictures encouraging the purchase of replica watches, endorsing them in any way or links to replica watch sites unless previously approved by a Moderator or site Administrators. In general, any posts that involve the discussion, encouragement, or solicitation of any kind of illegal activities, whether watch-related or not, is strictly prohibited.

6. Moderators' and the Administrator's decisions are final. If you are in doubt about a post, please contact a Moderator before you submit your post. Membership of the forum can be revoked by the forum administration without any reason being given. Moderators reserve the right to delete or edit any questionable posts at their discretion and without warning.

7. Valuations. does not offer valuations, nor do we recommend trying to have your watch valued online, besides vague estimations for personal purposes. Assessing the value of a watch is dependent on many factors, most of which require qualified people having access to the watch directly. While members may provide their opinions as to the value of a watch, these are purely their opinions and do not represent If you need an value for insurance purposes, contact a qualified watchmaker who is certified for this activity, an auction house or a reputable watch dealer. As is not in the business of watch valuation, we will not recommend anyone, but members may address individual requests with their own recommendations.

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