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Omega x Swatch Collaboration is Everything We Needed.

Yesterday, Omega (owned by the Swatch Group) announced a collaboration with Swatch and the result could not have been more interesting.

The Speedmaster and its countless iterations is one of the most iconic watches in all of history. Aptly nicknamed "moonwatch", the Omega Speedmaster was the first watch worn on the moon at the wrist of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in 1969.

This new collaboration with its parent company gave birth to a new range of "Omega x Swatch Speedmaster moonSwatch" timepieces. The case dimensions and design are similar to the current Speedmaster model, but instead of a mechanical movement these watches use the standard swatch quartz chrono G10.212. Not only this, but also boasting a "bioceramic" case which is two parts ceramic and one part biopolymer (which also gives them the color).

As opposed to the normal speedmaster, these fun Omega Swatches have one important attribute, namely their price. They're 250€. For a Speedmaster. It's insane. It made a lot of "purists" angry too, though a better name for them would be gatekeepers. If you live in Switzerland for example, a normal 6k€ Speedy is attainable according to the 6k€/month average salary, but if you're living a bit more to the east, for example in Romania, where is based, the 600€/month average salary makes owning a Speedy a lot harder. That's how international economics work. The standard of living may be fine and the price of bread proportional but the reality is watches cost the same everywhere. This is why the moonSwatch is important to all the Speedmaster enthusiasts.

Moreso, Omega's care for enthusiasts doesn't stop there. The designs are inspired by iconic Speedmasters like the moonwatch (of course) represented by the moon:

which boasts the most similarities with the mechanical Speedmaster Moonwatch:


the Alaska Project, with its special Gemini Spacecraft hands, bright red case and exact dial color as the aformetioned watch presented here as mars:

compared to the real one, which had a detachable red outer shell and a normal stainless steel case underneath:


the Ultraman, with its iconic orange seconds hand, being the Jupiter one:

the Ultraman:


the 50th Anniversary with the burgundy accents, taking the form of the Pluto one:

compared to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission limited edition:


the DotOver90s and more. Overall a lot of thought was put into them which we are glad to see.

We at are very excited about this new release and will be trying to pick up two of them on Saturday. Wish us luck.

Browse through all the official pictures below and let us know which one will you try to get or at least like to. Cheers!

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