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Rolex X Tiffany & Co Collaboration 2022

Breaking News!

In an attempt to catch up to the hype that has been building up the last couple of months with the help of those like Patek Philippe and Omega, Rolex @rolex has announced an unexpected collaboration right after Watches and Wonders 2022.

Due to the lackluster reception of the left-handed Rolex GMT Master II, and due to seeing what has happened to the Oyster Perpetual "Turquoise Blue" in regards to demand, Rolex has revealed an incredible collaboration with Tiffany & Co.

Just like the older sought-after models featuring Tiffany branding on the dial, this model seeks to create a newfound buzz around the brand and therefore topple over the hype tower built by Omega with its "MoonSwatch".

The watch features a Tiffany Blue bezel and GMT hand and is said to only be available at Tiffany boutiques starting April 1st 2022, the same day when ubiquitous April Fools prank trend is going on.

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