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We have delved into the vast and interesting world of horology years ago. In a time of consumerism and planned obsolescence we found the old relics of a past where quality was what sold, not affordability. We have amassed a lot of knowledge over the years, alongside a considerable collection and therefore we decided to start this brand to find new owners for the pieces that no longer get the wrist time they deserve. We believe that every item should be enjoyed, worn, loved, and able to create its own story alongside the people that can appreciate it the most. Watches are more than objects. Throughout the years, watches have been symbols of our life achievements, passed down to the new generation. A watch used to be bought on very special occasions, usually engraved with meaning and kept forever as a sacred symbol, not because of the brand name or the movement inside it, but because of what it symbolised. That's why we at treat every timepiece with the respect it deserves, regardless of brand or cost. There are quality watches at every price point, if you take the time to look. And that's the time we're taking to provide you with watches that can withstand the years, as they have done until now, and that come with their story half-written, waiting for you to fill out the rest.

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